212 Ritch St. SF, CA 94107
Weekdays: 10am-2pm
Weekends: CLOSED

Email: DarwinCafe212@gmail.com




Due to our size and the limited amount of ingredients we have, we are unable to accomodate additions or substitutions to most orders.

Darwin is a small restaurant with only three tables for outdoor seating currently available. Because of our tight quarters, we have a few order related requirements.


During lunch:

We ask that customers please limit their orders to four or less items to be fair to everyone else in line. We understand dietary restrictions, and are happy to leave ingredients off or on the side, however we kindly request no substitutions or additions to menu items. We do accept same day call in orders of four or less items. Orders placed in the morning will be ready by 11:30. If you have a large lunch order, please call us 24 hours in advance and limit the order to 10 items. Sometimes, based on the day, we just cannot accommodate these orders and appreciate your understanding. Also, any orders 6 or more and paying with one card will be charged 20% gratuity.