212 Ritch St. SF, CA 94107
Weekdays 8a-4pm
Weekends CLOSED

Catering Now Available Please Email: DarwinCafe212@gmail.com


This menu starts Monday July 1st.

Served on weekdays until 4 pm.



House made muesli, seasonal fruits, Straus yogurt, honey. $7.5

Cottage cheese, summer melon, honey. $8

Fresh cut seasonal fruits. $5

Toasted challah, cinnamon sugar, butter. $4.5 (avail. until 11am)




Prosciutto di Parma & Straus butter. $9

Ham, gruyere & dijon. $9

Cabot cheddar & honey OR pickles. $8

Nutella & mascarpone. $8

Nutella, peanut butter & banana. $8

Fresh mozzarella & basil pesto. $10 (Add heirloom tomato: $2)

Cured salmon lox & fromage blanc. $14 (Add heirloom tomato: $2)



-sandwiches and salads start at 11:30-

SANDWICHES (served with a seasonal side salad)



Roast beef, arugula, sweet onion, pickled gypsy peppers, aioli, dijon, sharp cheddar. $13


Bay shrimp and tomato melt: Bay shrimp salad (celery, jalapeno, lemon, parsley, mayonnaise), heirloom tomatoes, white cheddar. $15


Turkey, peaches, sweet onion, basil aioli, brie cheese. $13



Prosciutto, heirloom melon, arugula, sweet onion, aioli, balsamic, fresh mozzarella (on soft roll). $14


Heirloom tomato, arugula, sweet onion, house made pickles, avocado, aioli, dijon, provolone. $12




Kale, radicchio, lemon, garlic, parmesan, prosciutto, balsamic. $13


Arugula, radicchio, bresaola, black figs, toasted almonds, manchego, sherry vinaigrette. $13


Chopped iceberg, baby spinach, red cabbage, smoked trout, heirloom tomato, mixed summer cucumbers, corn, creamy soy-ginger dressing. $14


Hummus, tabouleh, heirloom tomato, avocado, kalamata olives, cucumber, feta, za’atar. $12


PHONE ORDERS: We reach a limit on the amount of pre-orders we can take daily, and apologize that we can’t accommodate everyone. Please keep your same day call-in orders to 4 item or less, and place them before 11:00 AM, as we stop taking phone orders until 2pm. Orders placed in the morning will be ready at 11:30.

For those in line, we also kindly request that you keep your order to 4 items or less. For other ordering questions, please reference the info page.