212 Ritch St. SF, CA 94107
Weekdays: 11am-3pm
Weekends: CLOSED

Email: DarwinCafe212@gmail.com


This menu starts Monday August 2nd.

Served on weekdays 11:30am – 3 pm.


-sandwiches and salads start at 11:00-

SANDWICHES (served with a seasonal side salad)



Roast beef, arugula, sweet onion, creamed corn, sherry aioli, manchego $14


Turkey, yellow peaches, sweet onion, basil aioli, brie cheese $14


Artichoke melt: marinated artichoke hearts, sweet onion, arugula, house-made pesto aioli, sharp cheddar $13




Kale, radicchio, baked prosciutto, lemon, garlic infused oil, parmesan, aged balsamic $14


Arugula, radicchio, yellow peaches, sweet corn, lemon cucumber, basil, burrata, house dressing $14


Bay shrimp Louie: chopped iceberg, cherry tomato, cucumber, radishes, avocado, bay shrimp, Louie dressing $17


PHONE ORDERS: Please call 415.800.8668 to place a phone order. Next-day orders, and orders placed before 11 AM will be ready for pick-up at 11:15. We reach a limit on the amount of pre-orders we can take daily, and apologize that we can’t accommodate everyone. Please keep your same day call-in orders to 10 item or less. For large orders, please call at least 24 hours in advance. Please do not leave orders on our answering machine.

For those in line, we also kindly request that you keep your order to 10 items or less. For other ordering questions, please reference the info page.